SkinB5 Acne Control Range

22 August 2016

Right, hands up if you struggle with acne? Now let's pretend I can actually see you putting your hands up. You see, when you're a teen you're usually surrounded by people who also suffer from acne, but if you're an adult...well it's a different story. It can almost seem as if everyone around you has perfect skin and you're the only one with spots. I understand because I went through it I would say for about a year. Perfect skin for one week, and just when you start to get comfortable a whole bunch of zits will decide to pop up (usually before an important event urgh). This was when I decided to treat my issues internally because it was obvious that my acne was hormonal and not from something I was using, so in came SkinB5, the skin solution all my fellow bloggers swear by. Now I do too.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

2 December 2015

Guess who's back, back again, Basmah's back, tell your friends. It's been a hot minute, to the point where I think I've forgotten how to write a blog post. Like what do I talk about? Do I have to introduce myself? Guess I'll just have to wing it. I think a break was necessary for me to find my mojo, focus on my life a little, but now I'm getting into the groove again. So tell me, how have you been? Started your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know. Anyway, today I'm writing about something exciting and a little fancy. You have probably already read the title, but today I'm talking about the brand new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. Yep, that palette that all the bloggers are talking about because they either love it or hate it. So keep reading to find out which side I'm on.

Where Have I Been?

17 August 2015

Right, so I was sitting down one evening and I couldn't help but feel guilty. I haven't posted a blog post in the longest time (around 7 weeks to be exact, nearly 2 months!) and honestly I was starting to miss you guys. So many of you have been around from the very beginning, to when I was a newbie blogger that had no followers but would jump at the fact that someone commented on my post. So you all deserve an explanation, whether you've been around since the start, or you followed me just yesterday.

First off, I still love my blog, I still love beauty and I still love all of you guys which is why I'm going to try my absolute best to blog regularly. Except this time I'm not making any promises which I'll explain later. Writing is a passion of mine and I used to come on this little baby of mine and not only help everyone on their beauty decisions but also help fuel my desire to write. Because of my blog I've had the greatest opportunities and met some amazing people along the way so believe me when I say, this blog is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

The reason blogging has sort of taken the back end of my to-do list is because of university and work. And while I love blogging for you as regularly as possible it can be hard with my busy schedule. In my university holidays I was working nearly everyday of the week, and I'm very lucky to have a job that I love so I wasn't complaining, but that meant that I used to get home around 6:00 pm everyday and wouldn't have to energy to take photographs and put up a blog post. Next thing you know I'm getting messages saying "why did you stop blogging!?" or "I loved reading your blog!" and that made me realise that enough is enough, I'll just have to try and work around my life. 

The third reason is university. If you're in university or you've gone to university previously you would know how intense the workload can be (I should be doing my readings right now but this is more important) so the stress can build up. I go to university 3 days a week which doesn't leave me all the time in the world to blog. When I first started blogging I became excited every time it came to posting up a new post, and I want those feelings to come back because I know they're still there. 

Like I said, my blog isn't going anywhere, and I'm going to try my absolute best to post regularly because this blog has been there for me when things got rough and you all have been there for me when my life wasn't so chaotic. Thank you for being so patient and thank you for all the support because I cannot stress how much it means to me. 

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

17 June 2015

Guess whose holidays have started? *raises hand* which means more blog posts! Today I'll be talking about my favourite mascara of the moment, the Lancome Grandiose. I always use to be that person in the room who didn't understand the reason for buying expensive mascaras, I mean, they all work the same right? I was proven wrong when I tried the Lancome Grandiose, because if there is one thing every makeup look needs, is long lashes. Lancome is known for their mascaras, whether you've tried the Hypnose, or the Doll Eyes, there is something for everyone. Not to mention, my makeup inspiration Lisa Eldridge is now the creative director for Lancome, so even more reason to buy everything they bring out.

Brand Spotlight: Glamourflage

13 May 2015

I'm a sucker for anything that comes in cute packaging. Not to mention, it's a huge bonus if said cute product works well. I was sent the Glamourflage Sultry Sophie Lip & Cheek Stain* and the Mermaid Meg Sleep Mask* and let me tell you that when I opened that package as soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I may or may not have squealed in excitement (hint: it's the former). The packaging reminded me a lot of The Balm or Benefit as it was very sixties and retro, and let's be honest, I had pretty high expectations considering I was comparing it to the likes of those two high-end brands.

The Luxe Eye Cream That Works

11 May 2015

Wow 3 weeks and no blog post! How crazy right? Apologies for the absence, I've been consumed with university assignments and work, so blogging got pushed back on the list of priorities unfortunately. Today I'll be talking about a luxury eye cream that my regional manager at work told me about, and I'm so glad she did. Most of you would already know that I've been blessed with genetic under eye circles, and let me tell you, they are not pretty. It could also be because I'm Pakistani, and most of us have to endure dreaded darkness under our eyes because of our skin tone. While concealer can only go so far, an eye cream is probably the most important product to add to your regime, especially if you're 18+, which is why I've been loving the Apot.Care Irido-Radiant Eye Contour.

The Concealer That Replaced All Concealers

13 April 2015

Right, so I'm writing this blog post with a sore throat and no voice, so lucky I'm not a YouTuber eh? Urban Decay launched in Australia on the 27th of March at Mecca Maxima stores, so in celebration I've decided to write a blog post on the concealer that I just cannot get enough of lately: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Since I'm genetically blessed with designer bags underneath my eyes, I'm always searching for a concealer that won't crease, has full coverage, but still sits well underneath the eyes, and ladies and gents, I think I've found it.