16th July.

16 July 2012

My whole day consisted of eating chocolate, shopping and reading books. Even though "Style" by Lauren Conrad isn't recent and many say it's too "basic", I actually always turn back to it as I find it very enjoyable. The glossy pages and the beautiful photos makes me want to read more. I'm not what you call a fan of Lauren Conrad, as I find her style a bit on the average side but if it's a book and it has something to do with fashion and beauty then count me in! Plus this book looks really nice as a decoration piece for your bedroom or living room, so if you don't enjoy it then don't worry, it's a multitasking book.

On a sadder note, school is starting for me tomorrow and it's my last term so I'll be graduating in a few months (eek!) it just feels like yesterday I started high school. But I won't go all emotional on you guys, as they say when one chapter ends another chapter opens so soon I'll be doing what I love and spending the rest of my life working on my dream.

I'm thinking of getting a better quality camera as I take my pictures with my iPhone 4S so if you have any recommendations then please leave it in the comments below! I don't know anything about cameras so it will be nice if I can get a little help. So I should go as Masterchef is about to start (go Andy!) and that's one of the few shows I CANNOT miss.

Do you have any favorite TV shows? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. LC's books are sooooooooooooooooo pretty to look at! Half the time I'm afraid my fingers will leave a mark and ruin the whole book haha

    1. I know right!? Perfect coffee table books!


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