Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful

30 November 2012

Hello lovelies! I'm back with a new post for you all. Now if you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months (don't worry, I totally understand) then I'll tell you that Bobbi Brown has released a brand spanking new book called Pretty Powerful. The book includes inspiring stories and beautiful looks for you to recreate at home! Now I wouldn't call this post a review as I haven't read the whole book yet but so far I can say that I am quite liking it. If you're a beginner in the makeup world and you would like to know some tips and tricks then this book would be great for you, but otherwise the content is pretty basic.

This book is filled with photos of beautiful women from all different cultures and backgrounds and their story of how they became "pretty powerful". I haven't owned Bobbi's previous books so I have nothing to compare this book to but I really love the concept of diversity and empowering women. I will have a detailed review up as soon as I finish reading!

Do you have any beauty books that you would recommend?

This book was sent to me from beautyheaven. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Where have I been?

28 November 2012

Okay okay I know I've been bad and haven't been updating this blog as much as I hoped but I have a reason I promise! So before you want to punish me hear me out. For the last couple of months I've been  in the middle of the HSC which if you don't live in Australia or NSW the HSC is a University entrance exam which you take at the end of your final year in high school. I'm sorry that I was gone for so long but now I'm on my holidays so I have plenty of time to update my blog and let you all know what's happening in the beauty world (no excuses!).

A few upcoming posts that you should look forward too:
-  A look at Bobbi Brown's "Pretty Powerful" book!
- Clarisonic Mia 2 first impressions
- A lot of product reviews!

Until next time!

Review: Tangle Teezer

Why hello my beautiful readers, long time no talk! An update post will follow this post and I'll tell you where I've been and what I've been doing with my life. Today I'm here to review the one and only Tangle Teezer! Now if you don't know what the Tangle Teezer does its a hairbrush specially designed to remove tangles from the hair without any pulling, tugging or hair breakage. Sounds pretty nifty right? Well I decided to try it out because if you're a fellow curly haired girl like moi then you'll understand the crucial pain it takes to brush your hair in the morning or after a shower. When you first look at the Tangle Teezer you realize it doesn't seem to appear like a normal hairbrush (e.g. handle, different bristles etc.). It's bristles are made of plastic and are very close together, now when I was about to try this on my hair I was scared the bristles would snap or break but don't worry darlings it a tough girl, she can handle anything! I was so surprised how effortlessly it glided through my hair and removed my tangles without pain or any yanking! 

This brush is especially great to brush your hair after you come home from a long night and need to brush out all the teasing you did to your hair to give it an extra bit of oomph. This little baby is very handy and can fit in your purse or just about anywhere so you can have it wherever you go. The Tangle Teezer comes in so many fun colours and if you're a mum then you would know how hard it is to brush your little girls hair, so that's why they created a fun flowerpot Tangle Teezer so she can brush her hair and have fun while doing so! Overall my hair has now started looking much healthier and much thicker (crazy I know!) and I want to keep brushing my hair because it's so amazing how it just slides through your hair. This brush has really proven that  hairbrushes really do effect the overall appearance and health of your hair and I will recommend this to anyone with crazy hair like I do.

*The Tangle Teezers above are in the colours Disco Purple and Bubblegum Pink. Purchased from

This post is not sponsored. Everything was purchased by my own money and all opinions are my own.