Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

1 January 2014

Dear 2013,

You have been good to me, you made me realise that if my year goes horribly wrong, it isn't your fault, it's mine for not living it to the fullest. Thank you for the great experiences, but also, thank you for the not-so-great. You see, with every bad moment comes a lesson that is important to learn from. Looking back, I've realised just how much I've grown this year. My first year of University, where I met amazing people and made some wonderful friends. My internship at Beautyheaven which was incredible, not only is everyone so warm and welcoming, but I really learnt to push myself as a Journalist. My 18th birthday, a year older and wiser. But the best moment in 2013 would have to be when my nephew was born. He taught me how to love, how to care for someone other than myself. Thank you 2013, for keeping my old friends still here with me towards the end. Thank you for the opportunity to help interview Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn.

This year wasn't always so great, I found out how cold some people can be, and that people judge you if you aren't like them. I learnt that not everyone is going to be happy for your success, and that some friends aren't really your friends after all. Sometimes (all the time) you need to embrace your quirks, your weird habits, your imperfections, because you can't please everyone. Thank you for showing me that I'm perfect in my own imperfect way, I will mess up, I will say things I don't mean and I will have bad days, but all that matters in the end is how you handled yourself and the situation. It's okay to be wrong once in a while, and it's okay to make mistakes. I don't have any resolutions planned, but one thing I am going to try this upcoming year is to step out of my comfort zone, do things that I would never imagine doing.

2013, you have been a big year, a very eventful year full of ups and downs, but I won't tell 2014 to be good to me, because it isn't 2014's responsibility to make my life better, it's mine. Next year, at this same time on New Years Eve, I will come back to this post and read it to see how much I've grown since now. But right now, I would like to thank all my GFC, Bloglovin followers and my readers for staying with me through December, the month I officially started blogging. I hope you all have a happy and safe NYE, and a wonderful 2014. Here's to 2014! A year full of opportunities and excitement!

Best wishes,

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  1. Wishing you all the best in 2014 lovely!! ^_^

    1. Thank you Lily! Hope you have a great 2014! x

  2. Hello :) i've just found your blog & i LOVE it !! I hope this year is good to you & i'm looking forwards to reading more of your posts xx Lauren

    1. Thank you lovely! Right back at you! x


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