Review: Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel & L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

18 December 2013

I was actually planning to do two separate blog posts on different days for the reviews of these products but since I missed out on yesterdays blog post (impulse trip to Wet and Wild Sydney), I thought I should combine them instead. So here are the reviews for the Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel and the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream!

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The Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydarator Gel is said to be a "lightweight, fast absorbing gel containing aloe vera, cotton seed and eucalyptus to improve the appearance of blemishes and imperfections". Lets start with the pros of this product. I really like the packaging of this product, it comes with a handy pump that doesn't dispense too much or too little of the product, it's made out of plastic so it's travel friendly and it isn't bulky at all. It comes with 50ml of product which may seem very little in comparison to other moisturisers, but it will last a very long time considering you only need the teeniest, tiniest amount. When I applied the product into my skin, I noticed how well it absorbed, it made my skin feel soft and supple. The consistency is a runny gel and it smells heavily of eucalyptus, so if you don't like the smell of eucalyptus then I wouldn't suggest this product. This gel also makes for a great makeup primer, it didn't make my skin go oily at all throughout the day and I felt as if my skin was well hydrated.

Now for the cons, which unfortunately outweigh the pros. Just a reminder that everyone's skin is different so this may or may not work for you. If you have a cut or a scar anywhere on your face then this product will make sure you know, because your face will sting and burn until there are tears streaming down your face. I also noticed how after prolong use of this product, I started getting tiny pimples all over my face, it may have just been my sensitive skin acting up but I had to stop using this product as I was breaking out everywhere I applied this. It's a shame because the consistency of this product is great but I don't think it's made for people with sensitive skin. Another con is the price, $32.95 for 50mL worth of product, of course to be fair, it will last you a very long time.

Moving on to the highly coveted L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Did you know one of these hand creams is sold every three seconds around the world? It's safe to know why, this product is definitely one of those products that live up to its hype. This hand cream has a thick consistency but absorbs into the skin leaving it non-greasy and hydrated. It comes in a two sizes, 150mL and 30mL and is another product that will last you a very long time. It contains extracts of honey, almonds, and coconut oil and great for people who have to live with eczema (me). This hand cream has a lovely fragranced scent, very floral, but I didn't find it to irritate my skin at all. It contains 20% shea butter and really works to keep your hands soft and smooth. The packaging is simple yet effective, perfect to put in your handbag or keep at your desk for work.

I can't say there are too many cons, probably the price can be a little hefty for a hand cream, but in my opinion is completely worth it. Not only will it last you a while, but it also does the job. I haven't found any other hand cream to calm down my eczema flare ups like this one has. The 150mL retails for $39.00 and the 30mL for $12.00.

Have you tried these products? What do you think?

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  1. Great review - very in depth :) the L'Occitane looks sooo good, I went into a L'Occitane store yesterday and was overwhelmed with how amazing everything smelt!

    1. Thank you! I know right!? Makes me want to buy everything in the store!


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