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21 January 2014

These days I've found myself lusting after so many different things, whether it be beauty, fashion, or just complete random, so I've decided to compile a wishlist of everything that I'm currently admiring from afar. I should warn you now that this post may make you want to grab your credit card and run out the door so read at your own risk!

Lorac Pro Palette: This eyeshadow palette has been out for awhile and is highly coveted in the beauty world and is something I haven't gotten around to trying. The colours look stunning and are a nice variety of shimmers and mattes, which makes this palette incredibly versatile. Considering I'm a huge fan of neutral eyeshadows, this palette is right up my alley as it doesn't consist of bright colours which I find can be too overwhelming on my eyes.

Babyliss Pro GT Ionic Hairdryer: Okay, so I've never really been a huge fan of hairdryers as I never get the result that I want, until I realised that my hairdryer is from the 1990's and straightening my hair from time to time is excessively damaging my hair. Hairdryers aren't particularly great for your hair either, but considering it doesn't apply direct heat to your hair, I still consider them a better option than a hair straightener. Plus, who doesn't want voluminous, blow dried hair!?

Goldwell Rich Repair Shampoo & Conditioner: Another hair product, see the pattern here? I recently got my hair cut pretty short (for my standards) so I really want to maintain the health and condition of my hair, so when it grows out, it isn't damaged and lifeless looking. I've read great reviews on the Goldwell Rich Repair shampoo & conditioner, and in the past I've tried Goldwell shampoos and they really are wonderful. They make your hair shiny and silky, something straight out of a shampoo commercial. Even though they're pretty pricey, they are worth it in the long run considering the results you end up with.

Zara City Bag: If you don't know, I'm a Uni student, so half the time I'm struggling to find a bag big enough to fit all the things I need. This Zara bag is perfect! It contains a slot for your laptop and has plenty of space for your books and notes, not only that, it looks great too!

FRENDS Headphones: These are gorgeous! The price? Not so much. When I'm travelling on public transport I always see trendy people with trendy headphones, needless to say, they're becoming a fashion accessory. Unlike the Beats by Dr. Dre, these are much more feminine and have a unique design which I've never seen anywhere else. If I had to leave something on this list to last, it would probably be these headphones as my iPhone earphones work perfectly fine, but there's no law to lust after them is there?

YSL Youth Liberator Foundation: If I told anyone else that I would spend $85 on a foundation, they would think I'm crazy, that's why I'm so glad I have you beauty fanatics to talk to. Every single British beauty blogger is raving about this product, and from photos and videos, it really seems like a 10/10 foundation. This foundation gives great coverage, but also makes it look like you're lit from within, which is everything you want from a foundation (how many times have I said foundation?). Maybe when winter roles around and I need something new, I'll get my hands on this.

So that's it! These are what I'm currently loving and wanting! Leave your loves and wants down below, and tell me if you like these kind of posts and I'll do more!

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  1. Is the YSL foundation available in Australia yet? I plan on picking it up when I go to London in March but if I can get it here I will... :) Great post btw.

    1. Yes! I'm pretty sure you can buy it from YSL counters in Myers or David Jones :)

  2. Yes, it sure is! I've tried it on (David Jones, Brisbane City store). It's freaking awesome, and YES I would absolutely pay $85 for it!

    1. You make me want it even more now! I think I'll definitely have to check it out sooner than I thought!


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