Brand Spotlight: Couleur Caramel

27 February 2014

It's not often a whole brand receives a dedicated blog post, so you can already tell that this one is going to be pretty damn special. Granted, I haven't tried everything from the brand Couleur Caramel, but I've tried quite a bit, and I love every. single. thing. Is that even possible? Liking each and every product you have tried from one brand? I didn't think so either, until I stumbled upon this 100% organic, cruelty-free company. So if you would like to know what I think, keep on reading!

REVIEW: Palmer's Purifying Mask (AKA Best Mask Ever)

25 February 2014

First off, I would like to apologise for my weird blogging schedule as of late, University has started and it's getting difficult to blog as regularly as I did in the holidays, but don't worry, I will try my best to post as much as I can! Now that's out of the way. Today I'm going to be reviewing my holy grail face mask, which is not only affordable, but kicks every other face mask out of the water. Seriously. I've tried many face masks in the past, and nothing compares to this. So without further ado, let's get into the review.

Products Not Worth The Hype

22 February 2014

Before I purchase anything, I thoroughly research it, to the point where I should know every single thing about it, because the last thing I want is to waste my money on something that I don't like. So, when a product I'm lusting after has rave reviews, and claims to make your life better (these don't claim that, but you get what I mean), I get excited, only to be disappointed after I make the purchase. So, to help you avoid that situation, I've decided to do a "Products Not Worth The Hype", but a little disclaimer, these didn't work for me, but many people love these products, so don't just take my word for it, try it out for yourself then make judgement!

Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials!

19 February 2014

Considering the weather outside, I thought it would be the perfect time to show you my Autumn/Winter beauty essentials, because let's face it, Summer is leaving us soon enough, and considering I love the colder months, there is nothing that makes me happier. Because who doesn't love warm clothes, hot chocolate, and relaxing next to the heater?

Splurge VS Steal: Hair Masks

17 February 2014

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I'm on a mission to keep my hair healthy, and as a result, I've been trying a vast array of hair masks. Just like your skin, your hair needs a mask once in a while as well, and if you're like me, and can be overwhelmed by all the choices, then I'm here to help, as today I'll be reviewing two hair masks that give you great results.

Best Drugstore/Highstreet Foundations

15 February 2014

When it comes to the drugstore/highstreet (whatever part of the world you're from), people often overlook the fact that they sell some great makeup products. It's a common myth that good foundations need to cost over $50, and they need to have big brand names labeled on the bottle, but today's post will give you some great options for foundations if you want to save some cash!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For Her and For Him

12 February 2014

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you're still stuck in a rut on what to either ask for yourself, or buy your beau (because they deserve a little love too), then don't sweat! I've compiled a list of things for gift inspiration, and if you're a single pringle, then treat yourself!

Even though love isn't about expensive gifts and fancy treats, it's nice to show your appreciation, or know you're appreciated through a nice gift. If you're a man reading about what to get your girlfriend, then these are somethings that she may enjoy.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Heart Tin // If she enjoys feeling pampered and smelling great (hello, who doesn't?), then she will love this cute gift set from The Body Shop. It contains 3 body products, and is packaged in an adorable heart shaped tin. You'll be a sure winner if you surprise her with this one!

Peter Alexander Women's Heart Couture Slippers // How adorable are these slippers? They come in two colours, red and pink, and they're perfect for a girl who loves to look cute while in her sleep wear. Not only are they perfect for the upcoming winter that is about to be thrown upon us, they're also incredibly comfortable.

Benefit The Perfect Pair // Benefit recently came out with this beauty of a bargain, this cute little duo contains a 4mL bottle of both Posie Tint and High Beam, so if you're on a budget, then at $19 you really can't go wrong!

Ted Baker Makeup Bag // This makeup bag has been on top of my wishlist for...months? Years? Let's just say for a very long time. The price may be quite steep for some, but if you really want to go all out and treat the women you love, then this may be the way to her heart. It's also washable and extremely cute!

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume //  If the bottle doesn't blow you away then I don't know what does. Marc Jacobs always does the best perfumes in my opinion, and this one is no exception. Scent is a very personal thing, but if she's a fan of floral, fruity fragrances then she will love this one. If she doesn't, then she can always keep this on her vanity as an adorable decoration piece.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette // Hello baby. Look at all those beautiful eyeshadows. If your girlfriend is a makeup junkie, then she will definitely fall head over heels for this palette, and for you! It contains a great selection of mattes and shimmers, and you'll stick to the safe side by choosing a neutral palette instead of brights and bolds.

So ladies, now it's your turn. Buying for men can be exhausting, with women, you have a huge selection of things to choose from, but for men? Do they wear shirts without pockets? Do they prefer black or brown shoes? What if they don't like the colour green? Endless amounts of decisions can be overwhelming, so here are a few possible options for the man of your life.

Braun Shaver // I decided to mention this because my Dad is absolutely in love with this product. Now, I'm not a man (obviously), but if I was, I would probably think shaving is the biggest chore compared to anything, which is why I would be grateful if I was given something that would make the process easier. The Braun shaver, gets right to the root of the hair and will give him a close shave every time.

Z by Zegna // OKAY THIS DESERVES A DECLARATION OF LOVE IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Okay, now that's over with. Z by Zegna is my all time favourite mens cologne. If you want your man to smell like a man who sleeps in Armani suits, then pick this up! It's a very masculine, wooden scent, and instantly ups the sex factor once spritz on.

Vans Olive Monks // Maybe you don't have a man who sleeps in Armani suits, and prefers comfort over style. No need to worry, because these Vans shoes won't compromise one or the other. Being both comfortable and stylish, these shoes are something that he can wear everywhere, so you will definitely get your moneys worth!

The Body Shop Zoom Groom Travel Kit // How great is this mens grooming set from The Body Shop? If he's low maintenance and has one tiny space in the house, then this gift set is made just for him. It contains everything from a razor, to nail clippers, and if you're planning to spend a weekend away, this will definitely come in handy.

Video Games // Even though you probably despise his video game obsession, love is all about compromises. So, while he makes do with your increasing makeup collection, you should show him you care by getting him his favourite video game. Think of it as a truce, and he'll definitely love you even more for it.

Socks // If all else fails, one can never have too many socks. Seriously, do they disappear over night or do they just sneak out of your drawers? He'll value your thoughtfulness and will appreciate it when he's running late for work and needs a pair of socks.

What are you getting your valentine this year?

Valentine's Day Makeup Look

10 February 2014

Today I bring to you a makeup look for the day of love, Valentine's Day. Now, I don't have a Valentine, but if I did, this would probably be what I would wear to a date, or a night with my girlfriends. I liked to keep it fairly simple but still wanted to look like I put effort into my look, so if you want to know how I achieved this makeup then keep reading!

Hair Care Routine!

7 February 2014

Ahhh hair. Where to begin. Most days, my hair looks like a mess, there isn't much you can do to tame thick, frizzy hair, so I always end up throwing it up in a ponytail. Regardless of what hair type you have, it is important to take care of it, and I can proudly say that these products help me maintain my frizz and keep my hair healthier and shinier.

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Cream

5 February 2014

I promised a review, so here it is! Today I'm going to be reviewing the *Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Cream. Now, considering I'm an 18 year old girl, with barely any lines on her face, you're probably wondering why I'm reviewing an anti-ageing cream, but the truth is, this cream isn't just for lines and wrinkles, but is great for sun spots, acne scarring and every other skin problem you can imagine.

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove DUPE!

3 February 2014

Washing your makeup brushes is as important as taking regular showers, can you imagine all the dirt, grime, and bacteria living on those bristles? Not only is it hygienic, it also helps your brushes last longer. Many people don't wash their brushes often, mainly because it is such a chore and takes a while, especially if you have over a gazillion brushes to individually wash. So, when Sigma introduced their Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, which everyone claimed to cut their brush washing time in half, I was intrigued. But honestly? $35 for an oven mitt? I know how all of you lovely people like to save money, so I have brought you a dupe which is $25 cheaper!