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11 March 2014

When it comes to skin care products, I'm very specific. Not everything suits my skin, and layering unnecessary amounts of product tends to break me out. So when I was sent Kosmea skin care products, I decided to trial it for a few weeks so I can post a fair and honest review of what I actually thought of both these products.

Like so many other women in the world, I was blessed *sarcasm* with oily, sensitive skin that never wants to cooperate with me even on the best of days. I suffer from hyper-pigmentation, those irritating under-the-skin pimples, and redness around my cheeks and nose. If you suffer from the same, then can we please create a support group? Because sometimes I need to know that other people are going through the same first world problems as I am.

Now, if it's one thing Kosmea is known for, it's their Rose Hip Oil  (they are the original founders of this skin care oil if you didn't know), so it's safe to say I was very excited to see how this would work compared to other facial oils I've tried in the past. You might be thinking I'm crazy for using an oil on my skin since I have oily skin, but oils aren't only for dry skin. Confused? Using oils on oily skin can actually stop the skin producing excess oils. You see, sometimes we can strip the skin of its natural oils due to cleansing etc etc, but when you use facial oils, they helps balance out the skin and provide your skin with the right amount of moisture. So not only is it hydrating your skin, but your skin will become LESS oily in the process. Basically, if you still don't understand: Oil is good for all skin types (this does not mean you use cooking oil on your face).

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost* is a facial oil which consists of ingredients such as rose hip, apricot oil, raspberry seed extract, rosewood oil and so many other natural ingredients. This product claims, according to the Kosmea website, that it illuminates skin, soothes fine lines and wrinkles and protects against the visible signs of ageing. This product is priced at $39.95 for 20mL of product.

Talking about consistency, it's obviously very runny as it is an oil, but it absorbs very well into the skin, and doesn't leave an oily residue behind. I like to use this before I go to bed at night, underneath my moisturiser after I cleanse and tone. The smell reminds me of PVA glue (not very appealing) but it doesn't linger too much on the skin, of course if scent is a huge factor for you, then this may not be your favourite product to put on your face.

The packaging is nice, and the dropper works very well to help you dispense just the right amount, which for me, is around 3 drops for the whole face. As for the results, over the period of time I have been using this, I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skins overall appearance, as it looks brighter and healthier, and it's faded my acne scars which is always a plus! I can't comment on fine lines since I don't have any at the moment, but I do feel that it makes my skin more supple and soft.

I recommend this for anyone who suffers from acne scarring, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, redness or any other skin issues. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who suffers from cystic acne, and if you do want to try this out, then please consult with your dermatologist before trying anything on your face.

Overall, I really enjoyed this facial oil. In the past, I always hesitated to use anything other than the normal cleanser, moisturiser, toner on my face because so many products make my skin break out, but Kosmea have really hit the right buttons with this product. Also, considering it's all natural ingredients, it really is good for your skin.

 Now onto the Kosmea Moisturising Lotion with SPF 30*. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much luck with this as I did with the Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost, even though I was looking forward to trying this the most.

The Kosmea Moisturising Lotion claims to be a light, easily absorbed formula which I would agree with, as it didn't make me look greasy which is the number one thing I look for in a sunscreen. This product also includes some great ingredients, such as cucumber extract, aloe vera, green tea extract and rose hip oil, but much to my dismay, this just didn't work for me.

I found that even though it absorbed well into my skin, it left a very noticeable white cast on my face, which you could see underneath my makeup as well. I believe this would best be suited for those who have pale skin, as I can't imagine it would work for anyone who has olive skin or darker.

Just like the Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost, this smells exactly like PVA glue, but also doesn't linger on the skin when applied. I loved the consistency of this product, as I felt it worked as a great primer for underneath my makeup (ignoring the fact that it left a white cast), and it felt really nice on the skin as well.

The consistency is quite thick in texture, and isn't runny at all like most sunscreens tend to be, which is why I think it doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin. I would also like to applaud Kosmea on the packaging of the product, because even though it's very simple, it still looks great, and is very practical for when you want to take it with you in your handbag, or for travelling purposes.

I did find that this sunscreen wasn't very moisturising, which didn't bother me too much since I always apply moisturiser afterwards anyway, but considering it claims to be a "moisturising" lotion, it doesn't exactly fit the bill in that sense. This product retails for $44.95.

Overall, I wish that this sunscreen didn't make my face look ashy as it really is a great sunscreen. If you have pale skin, then it wouldn't hurt to check this out, as it's perfect if you want something that doesn't make you look greasy.

What are you favourite products from Kosmea? Do you use facial oils?

* PR Sample - opinions are honest and always my own, as stated in my disclosure policy.

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  1. I love the Kosmea rosehip oil - the original formula is my favourite. I found it helped so much just in general with my skin, especially when I was spotty. That sucks that the sunscreen left a white cast - I hate it when that happens!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I haven't tried their rose hip oil but I'm sure it works great, as the radiance youth boost is one of my favourite facial oils! I find it helps so much to fade acne scarring x

  2. Wow the colour of the rosehip looks very intense! I've heard lots of positive reviews about kosmea!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. It does doesn't it! Thankfully it absorbs into the skin straight away, so you don't actually see that colour on your skin haha

  3. Kosmea moisturiser looks interesting, I have tried kosmea rosehip oil, but find it too heavy and greasy, radiance youth boost looks more useful than rose hip oil.

    1. I absolutely love the youth boost! I've never tried the rose hip oil, but it's a shame you found it heavy, hopefully you will love this one though!


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