Artistry Youth Xtend Foundation

26 August 2014

We all love to talk about foundations am I right? They're the number 1 staple when it comes to getting flawless makeup, as most of us aren't blessed with perfect skin. Finding the perfect foundation usually leads to a life long hunt, some don't have enough coverage, some have too much coverage, some don't last long enough, while some don't have the right shades. Basically, the list is endless. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Artistry Youth Xtend Foundation and see if it actually lives up to its $70 price point.

Right, so first things first. Packaging. Can we please take a moment to admire the beautiful bottle? When I took it out of its cardboard box (which isn't as exciting), I gasped and spent a moment admiring how beautiful it looked. Does it look like a $70 foundation? Yes, it definitely does. I have many foundations, and I'm pretty sure that this is the best looking bottle I have ever seen, and did I mention it comes with a pump? I'm not usually too fussed about foundations having a pump, but I know for some people, it can be a deal breaker. It comes with your standard 30 mL of foundation, so don't be fooled when you first lay eyes on the foundation, because the bottle makes it look like you're getting 50 mL of product, when really, you're not.

My first question to myself was, what do I expect from an expensive foundation? Do I expect to look like Mila Kunis after application? Do I expect my skin to look as bright as the sun? One thing I did really expect was good coverage, easy application, and a foundation that lasts as long as my Estee Lauder Double Wear. Now, similar to the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation, this foundation has anti-ageing and other skin benefits. According to Artistry, this foundation is supposed to lift and firm your skin over time, now at the age of 19, I don't exactly need any lifting or firming, so I haven't noticed much of a difference on that part, but if I truly want to test that claim, I should probably experiment on my mum for at least a month.

This foundation is very full coverage, but what's great is that, unlike the Estee Lauder Double Wear, it's buildable, and still looks very natural as it's more of a satin finish, rather than matte. When I first went to apply this foundation, I decided to do one full pump, and I realised that I made a huge mistake. Like I said before, since this foundation has such heavy coverage, you only need HALF a pump for your entire face and neck, and if you find you need some extra coverage in certain places, then you can layer this foundation one at a time. The shade Soleil was surprisingly spot on for my skin tone, it was quite yellow based, and blended beautifully into my skin. This range includes 10 shades, but it seems that the lightest shade looks really dark for people with pale skin, so that's something to keep in mind if you're around an NC15 in MAC.

I decided to road test this foundation by wearing it to a 7 hour day at university (I know, sucks to be me), and see how well this would last on my skin. I didn't apply any primer, but I did tone, moisturise, and apply sunscreen underneath this product. For the first few hours it looked great, my skin had a natural glow, I looked like I've been getting plenty of sleep and keeping myself hydrated, but then it got around to the 5 hour mark, and my T-zone started getting oily. Now 5 hours is pretty good, but Estee Lauder lasts on my skin until I decide to remove it, so for the $70 price point, the lasting power wasn't the greatest.

Also, this foundation tends to accentuate any dry patches you may have on your face, so before you apply this, make sure you moisturise really well. If you're someone with normal to dry skin, you would really like this foundation (aside from it clinging to dry patches), but while I do have combination skin, and I found it didn't last as long as my Estee Lauder Double Wear, the finish of this product is amazing. It made my pores vanish and made my skin look flawless. Also, if you're not a fan of the product, then Artistry has a great 90 day money back guaranteed, so you can return the used foundation back after 90 days if you're not satisfied (this isn't a sponsored post FYI).

You can buy this foundation from an Amway seller in your area, I personally bought mine from the lovely Amy Vargas from The Beaute Studio. If you're interested in calling her, then her number is 0410 774 548, OR if you're not in Sydney then you can purchase this foundation from the Amway website.

So is it worth $70? Lasting power aside, definitely. The consistency and application is something I would expect from a high end foundation, and it really does give your skin an airbrushed glow.

Have you tried anything from the brand Artistry? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Never came across this brand before. Thanks for the review! It really does look like a full coverage foundation. However, I think I will give this one a miss. x

  2. This is such a fab review! Also I'm in love with those brushes :') Lovely blog, if you would like to check out my blog I'm at :)


    1. I'm glad you liked it Eleanor! The brushes are my favourite! And so affordable too! <3

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  4. Hello, i just read your review, the only thing that i can suggest you to do is to use it with Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer it will make a huge difference and it will last longer without getting oily :)

  5. Does anyone know wich color to pick if I am light dark color? Help!

  6. I've been to a party for artistry today for the first time there product Alleere very nice on the skin I am too a Double wear girl but now almost 50 the matte foundations make me look very drab no dewy assets at all. I recently got Estée Lauder perfectionist it's not a Pugh coverage and slide without powder. I don't ware Papeete it way too flat and dull
    On my skin. I though at the party I really loved the artistry performance fit but now googling it seams as this one may be the better choice ???orsweinf something tomorrow please help! I want a dewy full covered makeup ! I have normal to dry skin.

  7. Basmah,

    I see you have this foundation listed as a $70 bottle. It actually retails for $49.40. I'm not sure why you had to pay so much but I would make certain you arn't being overcharged. I am a rep for this product and want you to have the best experience with the Lifting Smoothing Foundation as possible. But I am glad to hear you are really enjoying it!



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