Christmas Gift Guide: Organiser/Book Lover

15 December 2014

Yesterday we talked about gifts for the beauty enthusiast, and today we're talking about my personal favourite, the organiser/book lover. I'm a huge book fan, give me a good book and I will sit all day and all night until I finish it. There is just something about books that make me excited, perhaps it's the fact that you can escape from your own world temporarily, and live as your favourite character a little while. Not only do I love reading, but I also love organising, diaries, planners, clean rooms, etc. I'm the Monica Geller or the real world, just not that crazy. These gifts are perfect for the readers, the writers, the busy mums or the stressed school/university kids. They're also perfect for yourself! So keep reading to see what I picked out.

1. Typo Light Box // Have someone in your life that always has something to say? This gift is perfect for those who always have words in their mouth, but never know where to put it. This light box from Typo is priced at $69.95 and comes with 69 letters. This is a great way to spruce up the house or make a bedroom look extra special, and I sort of want one for myself. I'm telling you, these gift guides are dangerous!

2. Kikki K Cute Diary Gift Pack // I LOVE Kikki K. Hands down, they have the most adorable, yet sophisticated stationary in the entire universe, and this 2015 diary is no exception. Not only is it great value at $34.95, but it's a fantastic way to start the year off right. It comes with a large diary (also available in a smaller size), a mechanical pencil, two erasers, and adhesive notes (shaped like a sausage dog!). Basically, this gift is every organisers dream come true, whether they're a busy mum who is planning meals and juggling work, or is a university student trying to get through assignments and exams.

3. Kikki K Cup // You can't read a book or have a relaxing night without a mug that has a quote on it. I mean come on, I'm already imagining myself (or you know, the person you're giving this too) having a sip of hot chocolate while reading a big, fat book. This cup comes with a hexagon coaster, and is a perfect addition for your desk, or office. They also have a range of matching teapots and bowls, but I won't talk about that, I think I'll get too carried away. This cup is $14.95 and selling out fast, so grab it quick!

4. Kindle // This is a controversial one, because you may be the type who hates e-readers and love old fashioned paperback books, or you might love your e-reader and have a million and one books on it. I'm both. I love old fashioned books, but I also love reading on my tablet, so if the one you're buying for is the latter, then this would be a great gift to give that special someone. They can download a whole plethora of books onto their Kindle and take it with them wherever they go, whether that be a train, bus, holiday, you name it!

5. Box Set of their Favourite Books // They might be a Game of Thrones fan, or a Harry Potter fan, chances are, you'll be able to find a box set. It's every book lovers dream to have the whole collection of their favourite series, and box sets come beautifully packaged, so they make for great gifts. I will warn you though, they will probably spend all of Christmas day reading the entire series, so if you plan to go out and do something special, you should probably reschedule.

6. Kikki K Meal & Recipe Planner // I'm not sponsored by Kikki K, I promise! I just really love the entire range of items they have in store at the moment. This meal and recipe planner is the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook and organise what they're going to cook. They could write down their favourite recipes, and then plan what they're going to make for the family. It also helps that the planner is aesthetically pleasing and doesn't look like a boring book with 'studymate' written at the front, or something awful along those lines. They'll appreciate the thought, and you'll even more delicious food at the table! Win win.

Hope you found some ideas to help you for your last minute gift hunting, and keep checking back for more gift guides! Leave some more ideas down below for other people to have a look at!

Top photo taken from here and edited by myself.

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  1. Great picks! I loooooove Kikki K, like legit the perfect place to buy anyone a gift. I actually bought the cute diary set for myself...heh shhh! It is amazing value though! I love the look of the mug too - the little saucer is adorable.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I'm so tempted to buy it for myself, it would come in handy for next year! It really is amazing value, I think the diary itself is around $30, so absolute bargain! x


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