Christmas Gift Guide: Tech Geeks

16 December 2014

Another day, another gift guide. Since we're currently in the 21st Century, it's inevitable that you most likely have a friend who loves technology. Whether they're an Apple fan or a Samsung, there's something out there for all the tech geeks. Since tech geeks aren't the cheapest people to shop for, I decided to compile a list of "accessories" for gadgets they may already have. Or accessories that will help them in life, so every time they use it, they'll remember you!

1. FRENDS Headphones // You may have seen photos of these incredible looking headphones circulating the internet, and I mean, how could you not!? Aren't they just the most prettiest accessory you have ever laid eyes on? If your friend of family member loves music then they will most definitely appreciate you gifting this to them. They can listen to their music in style with the added bonus of great sound quality.

2. Camera Lens // As a photography fan myself, this one is quite close to my heart. Every photography fan knows that lenses are important, so important in fact that they could make or break your picture. So believe me when I say that if you give someone a nice lens for Christmas, they'll love you for life. It doesn't have to be $5000, as the Canon 50mm is around $150, so if you shop around you'll find something to suit you and your budget!

3. Dr Dre Beats Pill // Portable? Check. Looks nice? Check. Great for parties? Check. This gift is perfect for the person who loves to crank out the tunes everywhere they go, and also for the one who's always the life of the party. No wires and cables, so this gift is great for road trips and get togethers, because hey, there's no party without good music right?

4. Fitbit Flex // Ever since I started exercising, I've realised how much I would appreciate something like the Fitbit, so if you have a workout maven in your life then they'll love this nifty device. The Fitbit helps track how many calories you've lost, your sleep quality, how many steps you take, and so much more. It also comes in different colours so you can pick out their favourite shade, and they can coordinate it with their outfits.

5. Mophie Battery Case for iPhone // There is nothing more annoying than going out, and a few hours later your phone battery is about to die. Well forget about that problem, because if you have the phone charger case, then all your worries will go down the drain. The concept is simple, charge the case, and when you're battery is about to die, just put in on your phone. You don't have to buy this exact brand, as I'm sure you can find more affordable versions on eBay, but these cases are really a God send!

6. iTunes Gift Card // When you've run out of ideas, and nothing is really catching your eye, then you can go down the safe route and buy them a gift card. While many people believe that gift cards are "lazy", the iTunes gift card can pay for a whole heap of things, such as music, apps, software etc. Also, if anyone accuses you of being lazy, then tell them to shop for a million and one people on the week leading up to Christmas!

Hopefully this gift guide has given you some idea for what you want to buy your tech friends. Remember, Christmas is about love and joy, not presents, so don't stress out too much as it's the thought that counts!

What do you want for Christmas?

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