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17 January 2015

If you ask anyone what their new year resolution is, they'll most definitely mention working out, and while we usually workout for the first week, by the second week we end up back on our couch eating Oreos. I've been working out religiously for about a month now, and while I do have a gym membership, I lack motivation to actually go there, which is why YouTube is my best friend. By watching workout videos, I've seen effective results in the comfort of my own home and it's free! Before I get into this I would like to say that I do not exercise to lose weight, as I'm naturally thin, so I exercise to tone up my body and build muscle. Of course, these workouts are great to lose weight also, and you can modify them according to your level and needs.

Since I'm a bit of a fitness noob, I tend to gravitate towards 30 day fitness calendars, since it gives a schedule and I actually know what exercises I should do and how many times a week I should do them. Not only that, it's also easier to stay motivated. BeFit is the best YouTube channel for this purpose. The ones that I'm doing currently is the Fat Blast and the Butt Lift, and I do them together, but you can choose to do one a month or you can even incorporate other exercises with them. The trainers are great, and really help you tone your body as they explain how to have a correct posture, and the best ways to get the most from your workout. It does get more difficult as the month goes on, but I found that I didn't find it too painful as my body was growing stronger by the day.

BeFit Butt Lift // This is a 30 day exercise routine, but you can choose to do these exercises without the calendar as well. These workouts will definitely get you sweating and your butt in pain, but it's so worth it. You tend to see results in two weeks, which is a huge achievement, and you find that your legs grow stronger, and look leaner. The only things you need are light dumbbells, a yoga mat, and occasionally a chair, which I'm sure you have at home.

BeFit Fat Burn // As mentioned before, this is another one of my favourites. I did this all throughout the month of December to get my body ready for 2015, and it's great if you want to increase your stability and strength. This is another 30 day plan, and throughout the end, you have to do two workouts a day, but considering their only 10 minutes long, you will always find time to fit them in your busy schedule.

XHIT Daily Victoria Secret Workout // If you're looking for a video that's slightly longer, then this one is perfect. We all know that Victoria's Secret Angels have some of the best bodies, and these sets of workouts are great if you want to tone your entire body instead of focusing on one area. If you're like me and aren't looking to lose weight, but rather tone and build muscle, then this workout is also for you. But be warned, you will be huffing and puffing by the end of it, and you may also drop dead on the floor. Don't say I didn't warn you.

BeFit Ballet Beautiful Workout // Like most young girls, I admire ballerinas, not only for their grace, but for their composure and their ability to make something so difficult, look effortless. This ballet workout is also part of a series, and one that I plan to religiously start next month. It may look easy, but it definitely isn't, Mary Helen Bowers just makes it looks so seamless. These series of workouts help to give your body a lean appearance, and also makes your body more flexible.

These are four of my favourite workout videos on YouTube. Not only can you do these in the comfort of your own home, but they're the videos that I've really seen results with. Make sure you let me know what videos or which YouTuber's are your favourite for workouts, as there's so many out there that it can be a little overwhelming!

Also, just wanted to add a little disclaimer of my own. Please workout according to your strength and stamina, and workout to be healthy and fit. Everyone has different bodies, and while some may want to look like Candice Swanepoel that may not be possible for your body shape. I know I would never look like Beyonce, and that's okay, because curvy, thin, athletic, petite, no matter what your body shape is, you're all beautiful.

Hopefully this post helps you out on your healthy journey!

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  1. I will watch the videos while I eat chocolate.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. Very nice article!! I have seen all your videos and I feel all are very useful workout videos. There is lot of fat on my belly and some days back I have started yoga from online yoga video class. I can see good results within such few days. I highly recommend using online classes to everyone.


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