Brand Spotlight: Glamourflage

13 May 2015

I'm a sucker for anything that comes in cute packaging. Not to mention, it's a huge bonus if said cute product works well. I was sent the Glamourflage Sultry Sophie Lip & Cheek Stain* and the Mermaid Meg Sleep Mask* and let me tell you that when I opened that package as soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I may or may not have squealed in excitement (hint: it's the former). The packaging reminded me a lot of The Balm or Benefit as it was very sixties and retro, and let's be honest, I had pretty high expectations considering I was comparing it to the likes of those two high-end brands.

Glamourflage is available in David Jones stores, and on their online website. Now, I didn't realise I had actually heard of them, until I found one of their lip balms hiding in my collection and I'm surprised as to how I could have missed it. The feel and aesthetic of the brand is very sexy and provocative, and they all have names including different female characters. In my opinion, while this brand may look youthful at first glance, I would probably gift this for women (or men!) who are 18+ as it's cheeky and it just seems to suit that demographic more. That's not to say that this brand can't work for anyone under 18, as the two products that I'll be talking about today would be perfect for a teenager, or for those who are older.

Glamourflage Sultry Sophie Lip & Cheek Stain*: Right, does this product remind anyone else of the Benefit Benetint? I love lip and cheek stains, my favourite of all time is By Terry and the reason I lean towards them is because they look so natural. I know many people struggle with stains and I understand why. If not applied properly they can look streaky, harsh and resemble clown paint. Similar to the Benefit Benetint, the Glamourflage stain comes with a nail polish like applicator, which allows you to dot the product onto your cheeks and control how intense you want the stain to be. I generally do two dots on each side only because this stuff is insanely pigmented. I always found that the Benefit Benetint was extremely hard to blend as it sets quite quickly, and while this stain can be high maintenance, I do prefer it over Benefit. As expected, the consistency of the product is very runny, and I find that you do have to work incredibly fast or else you will be stuck with weird patches on your cheeks. My tip? Work on one side at a time and add small amounts instead of going in with 2-3 dots.

The great thing about this stain is that it will work for all skin tones. If you're fair then go for less product, and if you're darker then go for more, but I can guarantee this will look great on everyone (unless you're very pink or red already). Do I like it over my HG By Terry? No, but then you have to consider the price points for each. By Terry is $65 while Glamourflage is $21.95, so there will be some obvious difference in quality. I especially like to use this stain on my lips when I do my "no-makeup-makeup" look, as it gives me some colour without looking as if I have lipstick on. Does it last all day on the lips? I would probably give it about 6 hours, which is still a very long time, and I'm happy to report back that this product isn't drying in the slightest.

Glamourflage Mermaid Meg Sleep Mask *: Overnight masks are my jam. No, seriously, I LOVE them. My favourite of all time is the Origins Drink Up Intensive so I was pretty stoked about testing this sleep mask out. First off, how cute is the packaging? Since it's a sleep mask consisting of milk, they packaged them in mini milk bottles! Now straight off the bat I'm going to say that if you're an oily skinned gal then stay away, because this is for my dry skinned beauties. Milk is a common beauty ingredient. The Ancient Egyptians used it to bathe, people apply it on the skin for hydration and the list of possibilities are endless. Not only does this mask contain milk, it also includes essential vitamins such as vitamin A and E. The way to use this mask is to apply it before you go to sleep in place of your moisturiser and let it sink into the skin overnight. To test it out, I decided to use this twice a week for two weeks, and so far I'm quite impressed.

I've mentioned my skin woes on the blog before. I'm dry as the Sahara Desert in winter so hydrating masks become my best friend, and while Origins will remain my favourite, this comes in a close second. The consistency is quite thick and gluggy and I've found you need the smallest amount to cover your entire face. Just a forewarning, this product has an oily residue but I found it slowly settles into the skin, so make sure you apply this product about 30 minutes before you go to bed as you don't want it smearing all over your pillow. What I love about this mask is that when you wake up your makeup glides on smoother because it's so hydrating and gets rid of any dead skin that happens to creep up on you during this time of the year. You're probably wondering why I prefer Origins over Glamourflage. Well, while Glamourflage is a really nice mask for moisturising, I find the consistency a little uncomfortable compared to the Origins, but I needless to say, that's the only con otherwise it's a fantastic overnight mask.

So there you have it! You may have heard of Glamourflage, or you may have not (check your makeup drawers, you may be surprised!). Regardless, the products from this range are nifty and a great addition to every ones collection. If you're after something retro and a little provocative, or maybe you want something that would act as a great gift, I definitely recommend checking the brand out. They have a huge range of products to choose from, so you're bound to find something that suits your needs!

Have you tried Glamourflage? Let me know!

* PR Sample - opinions are honest and always my own, as stated in my disclosure policy.

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  1. I haven't tried any of their products apart from an awful fake tan when I was 16 but it sounds promising now :D

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. That milk mask looks amazing, the skin on my face can get super dry.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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