Where Have I Been?

17 August 2015

Right, so I was sitting down one evening and I couldn't help but feel guilty. I haven't posted a blog post in the longest time (around 7 weeks to be exact, nearly 2 months!) and honestly I was starting to miss you guys. So many of you have been around from the very beginning, to when I was a newbie blogger that had no followers but would jump at the fact that someone commented on my post. So you all deserve an explanation, whether you've been around since the start, or you followed me just yesterday.

First off, I still love my blog, I still love beauty and I still love all of you guys which is why I'm going to try my absolute best to blog regularly. Except this time I'm not making any promises which I'll explain later. Writing is a passion of mine and I used to come on this little baby of mine and not only help everyone on their beauty decisions but also help fuel my desire to write. Because of my blog I've had the greatest opportunities and met some amazing people along the way so believe me when I say, this blog is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

The reason blogging has sort of taken the back end of my to-do list is because of university and work. And while I love blogging for you as regularly as possible it can be hard with my busy schedule. In my university holidays I was working nearly everyday of the week, and I'm very lucky to have a job that I love so I wasn't complaining, but that meant that I used to get home around 6:00 pm everyday and wouldn't have to energy to take photographs and put up a blog post. Next thing you know I'm getting messages saying "why did you stop blogging!?" or "I loved reading your blog!" and that made me realise that enough is enough, I'll just have to try and work around my life. 

The third reason is university. If you're in university or you've gone to university previously you would know how intense the workload can be (I should be doing my readings right now but this is more important) so the stress can build up. I go to university 3 days a week which doesn't leave me all the time in the world to blog. When I first started blogging I became excited every time it came to posting up a new post, and I want those feelings to come back because I know they're still there. 

Like I said, my blog isn't going anywhere, and I'm going to try my absolute best to post regularly because this blog has been there for me when things got rough and you all have been there for me when my life wasn't so chaotic. Thank you for being so patient and thank you for all the support because I cannot stress how much it means to me. 

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  1. Aww don't feel guilty for not being able to post regularly! I used to always feel bad when I couldn't blog or post on the forums or when you see other bloggers posting every day! Now I've just realised its just a part of my busy schedule and I can afford to miss it every now and then. I'm also studying at uni (for 5 days a week!) and I still work on the weekends so being able to keep up should just be an achievement in itself :)


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