SkinB5 Acne Control Range

22 August 2016

Right, hands up if you struggle with acne? Now let's pretend I can actually see you putting your hands up. You see, when you're a teen you're usually surrounded by people who also suffer from acne, but if you're an adult...well it's a different story. It can almost seem as if everyone around you has perfect skin and you're the only one with spots. I understand because I went through it I would say for about a year. Perfect skin for one week, and just when you start to get comfortable a whole bunch of zits will decide to pop up (usually before an important event urgh). This was when I decided to treat my issues internally because it was obvious that my acne was hormonal and not from something I was using, so in came SkinB5, the skin solution all my fellow bloggers swear by. Now I do too.