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22 August 2016

Right, hands up if you struggle with acne? Now let's pretend I can actually see you putting your hands up. You see, when you're a teen you're usually surrounded by people who also suffer from acne, but if you're an adult...well it's a different story. It can almost seem as if everyone around you has perfect skin and you're the only one with spots. I understand because I went through it I would say for about a year. Perfect skin for one week, and just when you start to get comfortable a whole bunch of zits will decide to pop up (usually before an important event urgh). This was when I decided to treat my issues internally because it was obvious that my acne was hormonal and not from something I was using, so in came SkinB5, the skin solution all my fellow bloggers swear by. Now I do too.

So SkinB5 was kind enough to send me their entire range, and I can say that they are one of the most wonderful brands to work with. I've been trialling this range since June because I wanted to make sure it withstood the test of time. My routine would consist of the foaming face wash, the moisturiser and once a week I would use the mask. Other than that I was taking the Extra Strength Acne Tablets which I would say is the biggest factor when it came to my skin clearing up.

Acne Control Cleanser*

To be honest, I'm not a fan of foaming face washes as I find they strip my skin of essential oils. While this one didn't leave my skin dry or tight, I didn't fall in love with it. Now the SkinB5 system is made to be used in conjunction with each other, so for it to work to it's full potential, you want to use every product together. I used this face wash for about a month and a half (even took it to England with me!) but just didn't find it made much of a difference. Yes my skin felt beautiful and clean but I preferred my previous face wash I was using as that one gave me more noticeable results. The bottle is very similar to the old school Nutrimetics face washes (anyone remember those!?). A classic pump bottle, no frills, and one pump is all you need for your entire face. I used this with my Clarisonic and it worked well and lathered up very nicely. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with the product, I just prefer my other face washes over this one.

Acne Control Moisturiser*

I really liked this one when I was more on the oilier side of things. So in England it was summertime and this moisturiser was perfect for the warmer weather as it's a very lightweight, gel-like consistency. It absorbed beautifully into the skin and sat well underneath makeup. I just found that once I got back to Australia and my skin was exposed to the cold, it didn't provide enough moisture. Now, that could be because I was on a plane for 16 hours straight so my skin was terrible to begin with due to dehydration, but I'll definitely be going back to this one when the weather warms up. Also, a thing to note is how cooling it is. The feeling of applying this to the skin is so refreshing and it calms down any redness that tends to appear on my face.

Acne Control Tablets - Extra Strength*

Right, my favourite in the entire range. Now, the great thing about SkinB5 is that everything is derived from natural ingredients, so unlike the pill, you won't have adverse side effects. It would be good to note that this stays true for their skincare products as well. No hidden nasties, meaning it's killing acne the right way. First impression? The capsule is HUGE, and you have to take three of them a day after each meal. But honestly, if you're wanting a cure for acne, it's so worth it. While the dosage was a little difficult to keep up with, it was important that I didn't miss any for the first few days as it wouldn't allow the vitamins to work properly. So I persevered and ended up taking these for a month and a half. First week I didn't notice a tremendous difference, but I wasn't expecting to as these things take time. It was around the second week other people started commenting on my skin and that was when I had a proper look and noticed how much my acne had reduced. While I never had severe acne, the fact that I wear makeup all the time makes my skin freak out so this got rid of all the little lumps around my cheek and nose area. 

Also, I noticed that my skin tone was far more even and the redness significantly subsided. So If you're planning to get one thing out of the entire range, I would recommend these caplets because their a game changer. Yes I still break out but usually a small amount or I'm not being too kind on my skin, otherwise this has helped immensely.

Acne Control Caplets*

So this is basically what you use when you want to maintain your clear skin or if you're someone who has breakouts but they aren't too bad. This is what I use to just make sure that all the hard work the caplets did don't go to waste, as this balances out your hormones and makes sure those breakouts don't come back. What I love is that I didn't have any negative side effects with these caplets but still consult with your doctor before you consume anything as this might interfere with other medication you might happen to be taking.

The good thing with these caplets is that they're smaller than the extra strength, meaning they're far easier to consume. So if you struggle with swallowing large tablets, then maybe try these ones as they aren't as massive as the former. 

5-Min Skin Purifying Mask*

One of my favourites from the range is this extra cooling and refreshing face mask. Let's say you have a big event and your skin isn't looking too great, just pop this mask on and wham! It's like magic! It smooths and refines the skin, brightens and makes you look fresh, and also decongests the pores. So blackheads and under the skin bumps? Be gone! The main ingredients in these are vitamin B5 (obviously), aloe vera, avocado oil, bergamot, chamomile and so many more calming and soothing ingredients that benefit the skin. One thing to take note of is the amount you apply on your face. When I first used this mask, I applied waaaaaay too much and it took forever to dry, but everytime after that, I applied a thin layer and it worked more effectively. 

So there you have it! I would say that even after I run out of my supply, I will definitely be getting these again as they have completely turned my skin around. If you're strugging with acne, or know someone who is, definitely give these a try as their a lot more healthier than the pill and other cures that are around. The biggest plus for me was that I didn't suffer from any adverse side effects which is always a good sign!

What is your best tip for acne prone skin?

* PR Sample - opinions are honest and always my own, as stated in my disclosure policy.

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